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​Families can find the Early Literacy Specialist visiting Early Years programs, at Story Time in the Park programs, organizing Family Literacy Day events, and offering community programming. 

If you have any questions regarding early literacy, or events in the area, please do not hesitate to connect with the Early Literacy Specialist at 519-539-4419.

You can also find out about upcoming programs by following the Early Literacy blog or on social media!

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The Early Literacy Specialist offers a variety of learning opportunities for professionals working with children aged 0-6 and their families.  Workshops are developed on an ongoing basis and designed to meet the needs of the community.

  • Workshops can be tailored to meet your group's training needs
  • Can be booked at your location for staff training
  • Visits can be arranged to support implementation of ideas after a workshop
  • Presentations can be made to families at your agency.

Contact the Oxford Early Literacy Specialist, Michelle Batt  at mbatt@oxfordccc.ca or 519-539-4419.

Opportunities for literacy development are found in our everyday activities and interactions.

Any activity that provides literacy skill-building opportunities for young children is valuable to the overall development of the child .... and great for the whole family too!

We LOVE books but early literacy is more than simply reading.  Check out our activities calendar for great ideas for the whole family!

Early Literacy for Families

Early Literacy for Professionals

Early Literacy

Literacy can happen anywhere! 

When we talk, read, sing and play with young children we are building important literacy skills. Early Literacy is everything a child knows about reading before they know how to read and write.  The Early Literacy Specialist's role is to support, strengthen, monitor and promote early literacy and language development in the community.  

Early Literacy in your Community